Designs of Interior Spaces


Project Highlight:

  • Premium OTIS Elevators
  • LED Illumination
  • High Ceilings and Doors
  • Smooth Wall Finishes
  • Modern Bathroom Fixtures
  • Full View Impact Resistant Windows
  • 24-Hour Access w/ Key Card
  • On-Site Property Management
  • Pre-Wired for High-Tech and Smart Technologies
  • Spaces Available from 700 Sqft to Custom Size Spaces


For the Lobby area, three elements have been designed that define the interior design of the
edification. Upon entering the 
building we can identify a waiting area, an area of reception and the background wall that is the element that defines the design of this work.

Hall  of elevators

In this space we do not get bathrooms, elevators and side accesses later. Regarding the design of this area, only specific details are presented,
I work with the same design line of the Lobby, looking for a uniformity in the whole internal area.